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Max Thomas, healer and veteran of the ancient art and science of yoga for over thirty years, received his initial teacher training certification from Ganga White of The White Lotus Center for Yoga in Los Angeles in 1978. He later served there as director, senior teacher, and trainer of teachers. Max traveled to Pune, India to personally study with B.K.S Iyengar, and returned home to continue his studies with many of the world's yoga pioneers.

He has taught thousands of students and teachers at every level - from raw beginners to professional athletes, working with Oscar and Emmy winners, western and alternative health care professionals and healers, and Native American elders.

Max has taught retreats and workshops throughout California, teacher training programs at two of his Los Angeles studios and at White Lotus Foundation's Santa Barbara Retreat Center, and developed a yoga curriculum for Joseph Heller's Hellerwork Training. From 2003 - 2010 Max's studio, Living Yoga of the Desert in Yucca Valley, served the communities of California's High Desert.

Max developed a program for schizophrenic teenagers at UCLA Medical Center, worked with HIV patients at Aids Project L.A (APLA), and the CEO of City of Hope Cancer Center.

Max's experience in massage and deep tissue bodywork laid the foundation for his profound interest in therapeutic yoga. He creates personalized programs for private clients on referral from medical doctors and chiropractors.

In 1997 Max and his wife, author/screenwriter Robin Maxwell, created the critically acclaimed home video "E-i-E-i YOGA ," and as "Yogi-Okie-Doki" Max introduced kids and their parents to yoga in a colorful barnyard scene, set to foot-tapping bluegrass music ("Four Hooves Up!" - Richard Rosen, Yoga Journal ). It was featured on national television and in articles in the The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Fit Magazine, and Malibu Times .

He will be teaching two pranayama (breathwork) classes at Bhakti Fest 2010 in Joshua Tree, CA (September 9-12).

Max Thomas, Director
"Yoga is the art and science
of bringing conscious
awareness to everyday living."

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